What's Your
Return on Assessment?

Opeeka's flagship software P-CIS™ is the world's first clinical assessment tool that measures assessment responses over time to help transform data into actionable treatment and case plans ideal for use in social welfare, juvenile justice, school administration and behavioral health.

Feature Rich Assessment Software

Easily Capture Assessments of Clients Over Time
Improve Communication Across Agencies
Manage Guidance Plans with Clearer Insights
Generate dynamic views of resolved/unresolved needs
Supervisor views of staff workload analytics
See assessment score based alerts
Integrates with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR)


Identify your client’s needs and strengths and work effectively towards positive outcomes


Reach clients and staff using tools that effectively integrate across agencies


Assessment data becomes visual story maps that clearly show strengths and needs


Entire families and agency members take assessments capturing multiple voices


Advanced reporting and guidance plans are easy to understand and interpret


Help your clients feel more informed and empowered in their treatment and case plans

Used throughout Systems of Care

A single platform for social service agencies, public officials, community leaders, legal authorities, educators and natural supports to form a collaborative treatment plan for a client.


Opeeka's flagship software P-CIS™ is equipped with cutting-edge technology and features that help social workers, clinicians, educators and administrative staff easily collect and evaluate assessments.

Drag And Drop

Easily rearrange identified items to match your case/treatment plan goals

Assessment Alerts

Assessment scores trigger alerts to help identify potential crisis events

Click-Free Scoring

Finish assessments fast using just your keypad to score and advance

Track Over Time

Compare assessments side-by-side over time to track progress for a client


Much more than just an assessment tool, Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS)™ provides immediate visual insights across your entire workload to help you determine which programs and groups meet your defined measures of success.

This report helps us determine the proportion of clients who present or are later discovered to have a need. By identifying needs that are more often discovered after presentation, we can begin a conversation around recognizing or predicting needs earlier in care. This report also identifies which needs are more often resolved and which needs are still present after reassessment.

Our exclusive Story Map report summarizes the information from just the items of interest and organizes information by item score and property (targeted, background, strength, need, exposure).


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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers! Below are just a few of our most frequently asked questions but if you have more specific questions we would love to chat with you! Please contact us and we will be happy to assist!

Assessment Software for Behavioral Health

P-CIS is a platform that was built with the sole purpose to enrich the lives of the children and families it serves and our pricing model is one that encourages departments, agencies and institutions of any size to use the platform without the barrier of complex pricing getting in the way. We realize that there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to software applications so we price our product extremely competitively so our customers, large or small can serve their population without constraints.

Contact us today to discuss specifics about your needs.

Absolutely not! As much as we appreciate good IT staff and technical folks we wanted to make sure that P-CIS eliminated the barrier to getting up and running quickly without any IT or technical staff needed.

Our platform is a secure cloud-based application that we create instances of for our customers. You literally only need a username and password to log in and begin using it!

P-CIS is capable of handling intake and visual reporting of nearly any assessment used in human services practice, such as screening tools (e.g., ASSIST), level of care assessments (e.g., LOCUS), diagnostic tools (e.g., GAD Scale), checklists (e.g., PSC-35), functional assessments (ADL), decision support tools (e.g., ANSA, CANS, SDM) and satisfaction surveys. It is also equipped to handle common assessments administered in education, corrections and human resources.

Yes! P-CIS allows multiple users from multiple departments, counties, agencies or institutions to collaborate together to better guide and assist shared clients. A Client can have any number of staff (clinicians, social workers, educators, etc) and natural supports (biological parent, foster parent, siblings, relatives, etc) added to their profile so that multiple voices can be captured through assessments. P-CIS creates a truly collaborative process that extends well beyond any single staff or family member so that everyone can share and participate in a unified treatment plan.

Yes! P-CIS was designed specifically to work with your existing EHR allowing you to keep timely information about clients and staff while maintaining the EHR’s system of record.