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Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) connects to existing electronic health records and automates processes to improve care delivery.

Care Collaboration Platform

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Care Collaboration Platform​
person-centered intelligence solution
Enabling whole-person health

Care Collaboration Platform

Collaborate with patients, clients, multi-discipline care teams, and partnered providers for whole-person care.

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Opeeka's Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) Proves And Improves Intervention Impact

P-CIS is ideal for any care providers wanting to improve efficiency, monitor patient outcomes, and confirm positive impact on service populations – without switching electronic health records! P-CIS also creates bridges between records to share information with consent, for an integrated whole-person picture.

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Half the time spent on paperwork
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Customers do not need to change electronic records to improve efficiency and perform value-based care
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Evidence of service population’s reduced clinical need
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Evidence of healthy behavior changes per person, toward long-term health

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Key Benefits

Care Collaboration Technology For Care Teams

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence (P-CIS) is a revolutionarily new kind of technology that converts electronic health records into information hubs of care efficiency. By interoperating with one or more existing electronic records, P-CIS enables care teams to save time on documentation, work across disciplines, and monitor patient outcomes. When care plans are coordinated across all care providers, people with complex needs don’t need to tell and re-tell their story, and care is more coordinated, cohesive, and complementary.
Reduce Administrative Burden

Automation of patient text/email/tablet data collection with reminders along with smart-forms allow staff to spend less time on data entry and documentation and more time providing care.

Reduce Emergencies and Costs

Real-time pre-authorization, level of care, provider-to-provider collaboration, and data-driven alerts ensure that people get the right care at the exact time they need it, avoiding escalating need that leads to emergencies.

Demonstrate Better Outcomes

Instantaneous population-level outcomes demonstrate clinical impact by identifying reduction in the needs that originally drove people into care. Predictive analytics identify care targets that lead to the greatest impacts and cost savings.

Whole-Person Healthcare
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