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CANS Assessment Software
Outcomes Management Software for Mental Health

What's Your Return On Assessment?

Opeeka’s P-CIS, the world’s first outcomes management software designed to measure assessment responses over time to effectively transform health assessments into actionable treatment plans and care plans. P-CIS, an online assessment software, automates collection, tracking and use of any number of child assessment tools or adult assessment instruments. Assessment responses are effectively and efficiently converted into outcome measures to support health outcomes management and outcomes research and evaluation. P-CIS is ideal to use in mental health, social welfare, juvenile justice, school administration and behavioral health.

Integrates with any EHR

P-CIS connects to any EHR to help your agency streamline assessment collection and outcomes reporting for your clients. Collaborate across systems of care to eliminate double-entry, working seamlessly to capture all assessment types from one single unified platform. Convert assessments into care plans and outcomes and track patterns in populations. Seamlessly integrate without having to modify your existing processes and procedures for data entry.

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Data Sharing Across Agencies

P-CIS helps facilitate collaboration of care for individuals who are served by multiple agencies across systems of care.

P-CIS promotes a collaborative care circle by identifying the many Supports and Helpers for a person in care. In addition, the P-CIS multi tenant architecture supports collaboration between agencies and jurisdictions (i.e., counties or authorities). Helpers can be from the same jurisdiction/agency or from a number of collaborating jurisdictions/agencies within a system of care. In this way, Helpers from social services agencies can work together with behavioral health providers and the person in care, securely sharing information between all parties to unify a care plan. Although P-CIS promotes sharing, it holds the highest regard for data security and sensitivity, allowing each individual piece of data to be shared or redacted as confidential information.

How P-CIS Works

P-CIS is an assessment and outcomes management tool designed to help social and human services and mental/behavioral health care agencies and their staff to plan and guide person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience. It does this in two ways.

  • First, as an online assessment software, P-CIS converts assessment and discovery information responses on all types of questionnaires into highly useful information about a person’s story and about a person’s change in circumstances during care. This informs care planning and delivery decision-making in ways that a service team can’t do otherwise.

  • Secondly, as healthcare quality measurement tool, P-CIS uses success-focused artificial intelligence (SF-AI) to learn about an agency’s population needs and drivers of success. P-CIS can help an agency better understand practitioner successes as well as population trends. This process reinforces good care decisions, reducing and preventing institutionalized biases.

P-CIS promotes collaboration, assesses on personal definitions of well-being, captures and helps honor voice and choice, tracks recovery and resilience, helps improve systematic reviews of appropriateness and adequacy of care, and provides insights into what works for whom.

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Converts Assessments

P-CIS converts traditionally burdensome child assessment tools and adult assessment tools into real information which can help track changes and illustrate success

Merges Data

P-CIS merges assessment data into a local knowledge base, where data points join together to grow an understanding of what works for whom, allowing you to provide a higher level of quality care

Tells the Story

P-CIS enables providers to capture every person’s story and well-being transformation, proving and improving on care successes

Used Throughout Systems of Care

A single platform for social service agencies, public officials, community leaders, legal authorities, educators and natural supports.

Learn who you're serving well and how you can improve

As a provider, we know how many people we are serving. We know how many hours of service we are providing. But are we helping all, some or just a few of those we serve? Are we really good at helping certain individuals?  P-CIS answers those questions and more with a combination of solutions, including assessment software, outcomes measurement, health outcomes research, healthcare quality measurement tools and more. P-CIS identifies program strength as well as staff training and coaching needs. You can easily see how your care modalities are impacting people’s lives, rather than focusing on how many people you see or minutes of service you provide.

Unlock the powerful stories behind each assessment

P-CIS merges assessments into a local knowledge base, where data points join together to grow an understanding of what works for whom. When a person graduates a program having completed her goals, P-CIS uses the progress on her assessments to help learn from her success.  When a person is discharged due to undesirable circumstances, P-CIS helps learn from that experience as well. As a care provider, it’s essential to learn from the experiences you have with people so you can increase your ability to successfully help more people in the future. That’s the primary focus of our outcomes management software. P-CIS helps you clearly see the success you have achieved with people you served so that you can use that knowledge to continue to support the people who come to you for care in the future.

Match consumers with staff to achieve the best success

P-CIS personalizes best practices by linking local population patterns with the individual person through our powerful Care Compare algorithm. Care Compare helps identify services which have worked for similar people in the past and matches people to staff. . P-CIS enables providers to capture every person’s story and well-being transformation, proving and improving on their successes. P-CIS is the first ever solution to deliver a ROA: Return On Assessment.

Success Focused Artificial Intelligence

Using our revolutionary Success Focused Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI), P-CIS provides interpretable results designed to help care workers use their own expertise and knowledge, supplemented by their history of success, to make the best and most appropriate decisions for care. With the help of our online assessment software, which supports child assessment tools, adult assessment tools, CANS assessment software, healthcare quality measurement tools and health outcomes research, you can prove and improve on the care you already provide, moving toward more successful treatments with future clients, patients, consumers and people.


Talk to us about our proprietary outcomes management software to learn how it can help you build a better healthcare structure and provide your clients, patients, consumers and people with care that evidences measurable results.