How to Coordinate Care For Multi-system Served Children for AB 2083

California's AB 2083

This is part 2 of this series. You can access part 1 here or download the entire concept paper here. What is a coordinated system of care? A coordinated system of care is a type of healthcare that is designed to provide all the necessary services and resources for a families’ health, safety, and well-being. […]

15 Ways To Improve Response Rates For Patient Assessments, Questionnaires And Surveys

Ways to improve response rates for patient assessments, questionnaires and surveys

Some methods of improving response rates for patient assessments, questionnaires and surveys include informing respondents of how their answers will be used, decreasing the number of questions, limiting the amount of time required, and providing incentives for participation. It is important to be sure your questions follow a logical pattern so that patients who start a survey follow it through to completion.

Screeners, Evaluations, Questionnaires, Measures, and Surveys

social determinants of health

Each one of these assessments has a different purpose. A screening assessment is a brief procedure that’s designed to identify which patients need care. Differentiate by their respective goals, indicators for use, level of complexity and outcomes, while recognizing their common properties.