How P-CIS Enables Coordinated Care For Multi-system Served Children, Youth And Families

Opeeka’s P-CIS is a HIPAA compliant, multi-tenant architecture solution that would allow care agencies to track outcomes over time, from an initial screen to post-care satisfaction surveys.

Designed to integrate with any platform or existing electronic record, P-CIS also unifies outcome tracking across the elements of care. Whether data is collected directly in P-CIS or through electronic records, P-CIS’ prudently designed multi-tenancy allows organizations to judiciously share very specific information about people who are co-served, encouraging teaming, and coordinating efforts for multi system and cross-county care.

Used Throughout Systems of Care

Our Mission

Children/youth and families deserve the best practice and care possible. If MOUs can be established between agencies in a system of care, siloed data should not be held prisoner, and technology should no be the enemy of collaboration and coordination of care. Opeeka is ready to pilot data sharing with no/low-sensitive data exchange to demonstrate the promise which can be later rolled out to moderate/high sensitive data The P-CIS system was built for just this purpose, and we can now address many of the current challenges that currently exist.