About Us

Improving well-being by identifying what works

Opeeka is a company committed to boosting the health of people from all walks of life. Whether for individuals who require periodic reminders of thankfulness or for those who battle with despair, addiction, homelessness, safety, and physical problems, Opeeka is devoted to enhancing the well-being of others.

Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS), the company’s principal technology, is a patient outcomes platform that connects to care organizations’ existing technology to extend its capability to support value-based care. Payers, states, counties, and care providers use P-CIS to unify the continuum of care, reduce burden on staff, and improve patient outcomes. There is no other technology on the market like P-CIS. It is the only platform to symbiotically work within the ecosystem of care technology to improve workflow, outcomes, care coordination, and overall care system performance.


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Opeeka’s solutions are person-centered, which means that they take each individual’s circumstances into account. The organization recognizes that what is advantageous to one individual may not be advantageous to another, which is why its solutions are designed to match the particular demands of each individual.

Customers of Opeeka include state agencies that oversee healthcare, behavioral health, or child welfare, private care payers and providers, community care providers, and individual care providers. The organization is dedicated to developing solutions that have a significant impact and enhance the lives of people worldwide.

Opeeka is a firm committed to promoting well-being and assisting individuals in leading healthier, happier lives. Opeeka’s entire array of efficiency solutions has a beneficial influence on the globe and enables care organizations to provide better care.