Episode 33: Working at the Frontiers of Ancestral Neuro-Technology and Well-Being

Episode 33: Working at the Frontiers of Ancestral Neuro-Technology and Well-Being
Join us for a deep dive with ⁠Gabriel Kram⁠, the visionary CEO of ⁠Hearth Science⁠, a leading advocate of the ⁠Restorative Practices Alliance⁠, and pioneering Co-Founder of the Academy of Applied Social Medicine. Gabriel has harnessed his exceptional ability to orchestrate and synergize knowledge from 60 expert advisors, representing over 25 well-being disciplines from an impressive variety of 23 different cultures. His work, backed by a supportive network of 5,000 wellness professionals, has revolutionized the wellness landscape, introducing transformative healing through the powerful synergy of science and human connection.

In this enlightening episode, Gabriel introduces us to his groundbreaking work as presented in his book, ‘Restorative Practices of Wellbeing: A Compendium of Restorative Practices (Connection Phenomenology).’ We’ll also delve into our latest publication, ‘The Original Fire’. Dive deeper into Gabriel’s pioneering endeavors at Restorative Practices.

Get ready for an enlightening journey through time, from the roots of our ancestral past to the possibilities of our future. Gabriel expertly combines the latest in neurophysiology with time-honored awareness practices, mapping out a restorative path for the future of medicine. His approach expands the scope of understanding trauma, incorporating not only Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), but also the profound impact of social traumas such as racism, sexism, and other structural oppressions, as well as the often overlooked ecological trauma stemming from our disconnection with the natural world.

For the past two million years, humans have strived to foster thriving societies for their children, creating nurturing environments, or ‘developmental nests’. Gabriel illustrates how our cultural nests serve to connect us with ourselves, each other, and the Living World. When properly fostered, these connections can recalibrate the human nervous system, fostering a state of safety and connection that ignites our Connection System – the physiological wellspring of wellbeing and resilience.

Don’t miss this compelling dialogue. Discover how looking back to our origins can fuel our progress forward, amplifying our consciousness and mindfulness of our immense potential.

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