For Behavioral & Social Care Providers

We support person-centered care while tracking trajectories of recovery and resilience

track recovery & resilience

Prove and improve on stories of success

Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/) allows progress tracking on any domain of well-being. P-CIS is an assessment and outcomes management tool designed to help social and human services and mental/behavioral health care agencies and their staff to plan and guide person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience. It does this in two ways.

Converts assessment and questionnaire data into highly useful visualizations about a person’s story and change in circumstances during care. This informs care planning and delivery decision-making in ways that a service team can’t do otherwise.

Uses success-focused intelligence to learn about an agency’s population needs and drivers of success.

P-CIS helps agencies evidence program strengths, instilling confidence for expanding successful services. P-CIS also helps agencies guide staff toward successful decision processes as well as foster and recognize staff strengths, improving staff self-confidence and retention. It identifies who an agency is serving well and for whom additional services and supports might be indicated. P-CIS helps agencies prove and improve on their own stories of success.

Measurable Benefits

  • Tell the Story of Who is Thriving in Your Program
  • Connect People with the Most Effective Interventions
  • Match People to Most Compatible Providers
  • Progress People through Program to Meet Goals Faster
  • Measure and Maximize Anticipated Outcomes
  • Save Time & Costs through More Efficient Programs
“P-CIS is helping us truly become a quality focused, data-driven organization.”
Michael Couchman
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
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