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At Opeeka, our mission is to promote well being for all. Opeeka has created a Person Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/). P-CIS is designed to address three challenges of care:

People served by one agency in a community are commonly co-served by other agencies, such as behavioral health, child welfare, school, justice, and health care, among a few. P-CIS is designed to unify information across these agencies to form a care circle around the person and family. With P-CIS, agencies can flexibly and easily gather information about people in care, share what is needed between providers, and monitor outcomes in real time. P-CIS works through the process of Inquisitive Data Exchange and Analysis, called IDEAs. By organizing information around questions about people, communities can establish sharing networks through the following 5 steps of IDEAs.

Step 1 – Identify Questions
Step 2 – Create Justifications
Step 3 – Establish MOUs
Step 4 – Define Inquiries
Step 5 – Calibrate P-CIS

One Child One CANS

P-CIS connects electronic systems

P-CIS is designed for flexible and judicious sharing of information. Once calibrated, the data exchange is enabled within care circles. Information is shared for co-served individuals, for just the agreed and released elements of information, for just the times when those people are co-served. Workflow continues within native electronic systems at each agency, and through its connections, P-CIS identifies when people are co-served. 

Dr. Mark Kerr
“Thanks to P-CIS, organisations can harness the power of assessment data to improve placement and care planning decisions.”
Dr. Mark Kerr
Lead Partner
The Centre for Outcomes of Care
used throughout systems of care