For Home Health Care Providers

We support person-centered care while tracking trajectories of recovery and resilience

Supporting Home Health Care Workforce

Improve tracking and analysis of care to achieve better outcomes

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solutions (P-CIS) actively puts the pieces together in support of Home Health Care Providing Successful Whole-Person Care.

3 Home Health Care Pillars

Transitional Care: Hospital Back Home-Safely, Healthy, and Successfully Supported
Skilled Nursing Care: Clearly/Accurately Identifying & Sharing All Necessary Information in Meeting Complex Medical Needs
Team-Based Care: Supporting Individualized Care Circles for Successful Team Collaborations (Professionals, Family/Friends, Community Social Supports)

Home Health Care serves as an essential form of care for those who are no longer in need of care in hospital settings or other congregate settings. Home health care encompasses a wide range of health care services which can be given in home and supported for illnesses and/or injuries. Home health care is less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) Assists Home Health Care for All Individuals:

Get Better
Regain your independence
Become as self-sufficient as possible
Maintain your current condition or level of function
Home Health Care Technology Software

Supporting Home Health Care Workforce

  • Streamline Information, Reducing Redundancies, Increasing Clarity & Accuracy in ‘Real-Time’(Story Map Provides Full Picture of Client Circumstances)
  • Increasing Productivity & Successful Outcome Targets (Add P-CIS ability to capture case notes)
  • Enhancing Supervision-Updated ‘Real-Time’ Information to Support Training New Staff, Staffing Shortages, Strengthen Employee Retention & Overall Satisfaction (pulse surveys)
“P-CIS helps our staff work more efficiently and give us an in-depth level of insight into our care plans”

Lindsey Kroll
Chief Executive Officer
Emblem Healthcare

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