For Payers

Health Plans & Providers Innovating Together

Achieve more member-centered outcomes

Care Collaboration, Real-time Whole Person Health Outcomes Monitoring, and Success Focused AI

Health Plan purchases P-CIS for use by provider organizations
P-CIS integrates with all EMR/EHR and automates tasks for providers
Providers experience increased efficiencies, visibility into their populations and agree to share clinical data with the Health Plan (MCO) in return
Health Plan has visibility into drivers that improve outcomes and reduce costs
Everyone works together to improve outcomes for members with provider-level insights to succeed in value-based contracting

Benefit to Provider Organizations:

  • P-CIS Automation: Reduced time for required documentation, paid by Plan

  • P-CIS Insights: Real-time visibility into member outcomes, HEDIS measures, & costs of care, by care model

  • P-CIS Actions: Notifications of best actions based on successful care pathways of similar patients

  • P-CIS Care Circles: Co-serve patients with partner organizations and work off same care plan in real time

  • P-CIS Reporting: Providers choose what to report, maintain control of data, opt out at any time with the flip of a switch

Benefit to Health Plans:

  • P-CIS Automation: Reduce provider abrasion by automating repetitive, manual processes

  • P-CIS Insights: Real-time visibility into trajectories of care and recovery, costs of care, by care model, collaborate with providers on how to improve

  • P-CIS Actions: Achieve more member-centered outcomes by predicting what care and services will work for whom

  • P-CIS Care Circles: Make care teams more efficient with real-time access to the care plan, avoid emails, phone calls and faxes

  • P-CIS Reporting: Gain access to important clinical data that otherwise would not be available to Health Plans
used throughout systems of care