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From Intervention to Prevention: Can Virtual Care Delivery Change the Narrative?

The saying, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ is so appropriate these days. Preventive measures to avoid health risks can be as simple as screenings for potential illnesses. Exploring ways individuals can integrate healthy behaviors into their lifestyle, including practicing pro-active care, including learning more about signs or symptoms of a condition or disease as to increase taking control of one’s health & healthcare.

Introducing four new and progressive technology startups to the panel:

Carium’s advanced, virtual care platform empowers patients and their caregivers while providing their trusted clinicians with real-time, aggregated health data and analytics that can scale to multiple clinical programs. An easy, intelligent and comprehensive digital solution, Carium informs, connects and personalizes patient care. Learn more…

Eupnoos is a digital therapeutics company developing the world’s first medical-grade software only smartphone platform for clinical lung function tests such as spirometry for expiratory and inspiratory flow measurements along with symptom guided assessments. The aggregated and longitudinal data is interpreted to stage the patient, guide treatment decisions and measure response in chronic asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Learn more…

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juli is an AI-powered app for anyone with chronic conditions. juli collects data from various sources (phone, watch, environmental data, Electronic health records and patient’s self reported data).

The information gathered is continuously checked by juli’s powerful AI software, designed and supervised by doctors. Based on the analysis juli will offer practical recommendations and to help you to set wellness goals and achieve them. Learn more…

Patientory is empowering people to take charge of their own health by revolutionizing the way doctors and patients interact and gain access to information, cutting out all layers and processes that currently are stumbling blocks in care coordination. Patientory empowers users with actionable insights from health data, incentivizing them to take control of their health outcomes. Learn more…


Meet our distinguished panel of professionals for this webinar

Julie Wolk

Vice President of Marketing, Carium

A leader, innovative thinker and problem-solver with strong entrepreneurial DNA and executive experience, Ms. Wolk specializes in brand strategy, brand development, marketing, communications, and leadership development. Julie currently serves as Vice President Marketing for Carium, a virtual care platform that empowers patients and their caregivers while providing their trusted clinicians with real-time, aggregated health data and analytics that can scale to multiple clinical programs. 

Bettina Hein

Founder and CEO juli Health

Ms. Hein is a Serial technology/software entrepreneur and Founder and CEO at juli. In 2008 Ms. Hein founded Pixability out of MIT because she was passionate about the future of online video. Today Pixability is the leading provider of software and insights for video advertising on YouTube and Connected TV (CTV). Before Pixability, Ms. Hein co-founded SVOX AG, the Swiss-based speech technology software company that Nuance Communications (NUAN) acquired for $125 million. SVOX’s technology is now in Google Translate, every Android phone and most premium car navigation systems in the world.

Chrissa McFarlane

Author and Founder/CEO of Patientory

Devoted to fostering digital innovation in the healthcare industry, McFarlane served as co-chair of the HIMSS18 Blockchain Workgroup, and sits on the HIMSS Interoperability & Health Information Exchange Committee. Named one of the top women, “leaving their mark on the MedTech field in health IT,” by Becker’s Hospital Review, McFarlane has published multiple international healthcare research articles. In 2019, McFarlane authored her first book titled Future Women: Minority Female Entrepreneurship and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Era of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Dr. Deepak Kotak MD

Medtech Lead Consilience Ventures

Dr. Kotak is passionate about development, value creation and commercialisation of healthcare products and technologies. Experience across a range of life science domains in biotech, medtech, AI, digital and consumer health in a variety of executive and advisory roles. Good understanding of clinical medicine and many specialities; has been a consultant in critical care medicine and anaesthesia in UK teaching hospitals. An agile analytical mind, able to understand and distill key issues from basic/clinical science to commercialisation and growth strategy. Particularly interested in early-stage and growth-stage healthcare companies. Experience of entrepreneurial finance, fundraising and company valuation; legally qualified and four years practice of civil law.

Michael Hatfield

Executive Chairman at Carium

Michael Hatfield became a legend in Sonoma County tech circles understanding, monitoring and processing the vast array of data coursing through telecommunications networks. Most recently, Hatfield and his team embarked on creating a new mobile health platform called Carium that monitors and manages patients’ personal health data and shares that information with the people who provide medical care for them. The mobile app and web-based platform give people detailed control over the specific data they want to share, as well as whom they want to share it with. It then allows medical providers to stay on top of a patient’s health outcomes, their treatment both in and outside the doctor’s office.