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Bring your health and wellness into focus

Optimize Your Well-Being

Optimize the Rhythms of Your Day

OptiRithms is a smartphone app which promotes well-being by curating personal and biometric data from other smartphone apps and self assessments into a central hub where Artificial Intelligence (AI) models will identify antecedents to improvements or downturns in mood and well-being.

OptiRithms learns what behaviors and habits lead to improved well-being and provide users suggestions to optimize the rhythms of their day.

Unifying All the Factors of Well-Being

Learn specific activities which lead to improved well-being, providing you with suggestions to optimize rhythms of your day

Get a Full Picture of Your Well-Being

Learn and act on combinations of factors which improve your own personal well-being

Team with Health Care Professionals

Discretely and securely share information about well-being with healthcare providers

All of Your Apps Working Together

Curates personal and biometric data from other apps to paint a picture of your total well-being


Build Your Support Team

Promote your rhythms of well-being among family and friends

Earn Points and Get Rewards

Completing self-assessments within the app earns you rewards at popular retailers

Discover Your OptiRithm

Learn what you can do to optimize your life, finding your ideal OptiRhythm

Earn Rewards

Earn Rewards

Work with your health care provider and answer questions to earn Mental Wealth Points that you can spend at popular retailers

Health Monitoring

Connects to all of the health, nutrition, finance and social apps you already use and marries that data to build your well-being picture

Health Monitoring

"The OptiRithms program will be a great asset to our communities and the underserved by allowing their feedback through this secure app and encouraging all, youth and families, to reach their goals using this safe and secure program."

"OptiRithms will have wide‐ranging commercial appeal to the health/wellness market, inclusive of the mental and behavioral health care space and will become a very disruptive influence in this market."

"Giving youth and families the opportunity to receive direct feedback on their progress in care through a secure phone application could help encourage youth and families to stay in care until they reach their goals."

Nicole Howard
Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Roger Akers
Akers Capital LLC

Mike Couchman