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FFPSA for Community Foster Care Providers, the Opportunities & Challenges

Children and families are under increased stress from the pandemic, and we are looking to generate more conversation about how we can all share innovative ideas on how to best support families during these changing times. Newly funded prevention practices through the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA or Family First Act) offers both an opportunity to help more families and a challenge to adjust to a changing landscape of requirements and offerings.

Long before the worldwide pandemic, states & localities nationwide were already struggling to meet their obligations to the approximately 440,000 children/youth throughout the United States in foster care, due to systemic difficulties.

Now with FFPSA, there is an opportunity to reach more families for prevention. While this opportunity is incredible, it also means a larger population to serve and new modalities of service offerings to support. In this episode we welcome in Dr. Kate Cordell, Co-Founder and CEO at Opeeka and Ryann Vernetson, Chief of Clinical Innovation & Technology at SAFY of America. We discuss ways to generate conversation and ideas to meet new challenges as well as offer support around the FFPSA.

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