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Innovations & Caring: Moving Our World Forward Safely Towards Health

In today’s episode we welcome in Galen Murdock, Founder and CEO of ShareMy.Health. Galen shares the journey of creating an organization based upon a compassionate solution-focused framework using innovative technology in meeting tomorrow’s challenges today. ShareMy.Health has served as a leader in actively supporting a safe, healthy workforce and workplace. It is essential that we all strengthen systems as the worldwide pandemic continues to impact all aspects of life (home, school/work, and community).

The innovative technology that ShareMy.Health has created actively and effectively supports safety & wellbeing at all levels: individual/employee, organizational/occupational and community/societal.

ShareMy.Health’s vision:

Empowers consumers to share their health data so they and the businesses they trust can make critical decisions in getting back to work, school and live events.

Opeeka is proud to collaborate with ShareMy.Health ensuring individuals can securely share their health data with trusted partners for critical decisions in getting safely back to work, school and live events. Person-Centered focused innovation for moving forward in our ‘new-world’ towards sustainable health and wellbeing!

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