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See Life Differently Through a Wider Lens

In this episode, we welcome to the show Dr. Kenneth Silvestri. Dr. Silvestri has been in private practice as a systemic psychotherapist since 1980. He holds a doctoral degree from Columbia University in anthropology and psychology. In addition, he has been the recipient of national fellowships in the social sciences at the University of Chicago and the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Silvestri has participated in post-doctoral training at the Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy in New York City and the Multi-Cultural Family Institute with Monica McGoldrick.

A Certified Homeopath, Dr. Silvestri completed his training in the intensive certification programs of renowned homeopaths Dr. Luc De Schepper and David Little. Integrating homeopathy and psychotherapy – as well as his overall systemic approach to healing – he has assisted many in resolving the emotional and/or physical challenges they have presented to him.

As he is affectionately referred to, Dr. Ken is an active black belt student of Aikido and a student of Qigong and Tai chi. He is also an avid photographer, poet and author whose latest book is titled A Wider Lens: How to See Your Life Differently.

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