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Techsoup International - Innovations in Care Collaboration

In this episode we flip the script and put our very own Ken McGill in the guest seat and welcome in Founder & CEO, Jerome Scriptunas to take over hosting duties. Ken speaks about Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solutions also known as ‘P-CIS|Pieces’ which allows for whole-person care through systems collaborations.

Opeeka’s P-CIS incorporates Success Focused-Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI) providing users with information on all the options which have resulted in successful outcomes for people with similar circumstances, helping care providers to make decisions which are more likely to result in success again and again. Rather than regressing to the mean, P-CIS helps providers regress to the best!

P-CIS connects Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in creation of a ‘Care-Circle’ allowing for collaboration and sharing of data in ‘Real-Time’…keeping the person at the center of care…capturing a whole-person perspective.

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