Opeeka’s Person Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) is a revolutionary new cloud-based assessment software that allows behavioral health, social services and human services staff to track client progress over time.

P-CIS provides visualization of longitudinal changes in well-being as measured through assessment and reassessment. The goal of the software is to facilitate the use of assessment data in the decision-making process of person-centered care. P-CIS is ideal for use across systems of care including social welfare, justice systems, behavioral health and school systems (for children).

P-CIS is the first platform of its kind to effectively map progress toward well-being for people participating in person-centered care systems in jurisdictions that need help with:

  • Data collection
  • Transforming assessments into information for treatment planning
  • Tracking individual client progress over time
  • Evaluating program performance
  • Communicating progress to clients/families
  • Identifying clients who are thriving and sliding in the program

Success Focused Artificial Intelligence

P-CIS employ’s Opeeka’s proprietary Success-Focused Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI) to generate population Insights, providing interpretable results designed to help care workers use their own expertise and knowledge — supplemented by their history of success — to make the best and most appropriate decisions for care. P-CIS returns examples of successful outcomes on which to base future successful decisions, filtering out institutional bias.

Traditional Artificial Intelligence (AI) bases its future predictions on past decisions, institutionalizing poor decisions and reinstating biases. In contrast, SF-AI provides users with information on all of the options which have resulted in successful outcomes for people of similar circumstances, helping care providers to make decisions which are more likely to result in success again and again. Rather than regressing to the mean, P-CIS helps providers regress to the best.

Somewhere, at some time, a person with a certain set of circumstances experienced recovery and resilience. P-CIS capitalizes on examples of success to identify how Helpers and teams can do better. Over time, SF-AI continues to support good decision after good decision, while still considering the full combination of circumstances that a person faces. By regressing an agency toward decisions for optimal well-being, P-CIS promises to help identify and reduce institutionalized bias.

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