Improving well-being by identifying what works

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, pronounced “pieces”) is a patient outcomes management platform that can be utilized as a stand-alone solution, or it can interoperate with one or more existing electronic records to enhance the performance, utility, and workflow of existing technology solutions. P-CIS extends the capabilities of existing technology to support value-based care and predictive analytics.

Providers who use P-CIS as an extension of their existing electronic records find that staff workflow is improved and the any desires to change out their current electronic record are reduced or eliminated – saving enormous amounts of time, resources, upheaval, and costs.

P-CIS offers a suite of care efficiency solutions for patient monitoringsmart documentation, all types of assessmentsdecision supportnext best actionalertsoutcomes trackingconsent managementdata release/sharingpopulation health dashboarding, and predictive analytics tools, which are especially invaluable for serving populations with complex care needs.

Opeeka customers include payerscare providers, and government organizations who administer behavioral healthmental healthsubstances use, mobile response, foster caresocial careresidential serviceshome carehome health, and hospice services.

Person-Centered Intelligence Solution

P-CIS Features