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establishing success-focused care

Achieve better outcomes at reduced costs

At Opeeka, our mission is to promote well-being for all. Opeeka’s Person Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/), promotes efficient care for optimal outcomes at lower costs. P-CIS is designed to address three challenges of care:

To allow flexible adjustment of questionnaires

To monitor outcomes of people and populations in real-time
To judiciously exchange information about co-served people in care across disconnected electronic systems

P-CIS creates a model of success-focused care through:

Low-burden, bidirectional, structured communication with patients to assess patient needs and outcomes
Real-time outcomes monitoring with predictive alerts for nimble adjustment of care
Predictive analytics that recommend optimal service, practice, treatment, care plan based on similar patients successfully served
Automated population level analytics which identify what service subpopulations are served well and specifically where efforts should be focused for the most impact on care outcomes and costs
Outcomes Management Software

Know what works for whom

Because P-CIS is person-centered, any type of question about a person can be calibrated. This supports flexible evaluation of all kinds of outcomes in relation to every unique logic model of care. P-CIS incorporates real time evaluation into workflow, accelerating continuous quality improvement. With P-CIS, organizations provide more efficient and successful care, because they know what works for whom. 

“P-CIS has allowed our organization to be more efficient.”
Jessi Esterling, LCSW
VP of Foster Care Operations
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