Opeeka's Person Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) is a revolutionary new cloud-based assessment software that allows behavioral health, social services and human services staff to track client progress over time. 

P-CIS provides visualization of longitudinal changes in well-being as measured through assessment and reassessment. The goal of the software is to facilitate the use of assessment data in the decision-making process of person-centered care. P-CIS is ideal for use across systems of care including social welfare, justice systems, behavioral health and school systems (for children).

P-CIS is the first platform of its kind to effectively map progress toward well-being for people participating in person-centered care systems in jurisdictions that need help with:

  • Data collection
  • Transforming assessments into information for treatment planning
  • Tracking individual client progress over time
  • Evaluating program performance
  • Communicating progress to clients/families
  • Identifying clients who are thriving and sliding in the program
  • Identifying program strengths and needs
  • Sharing data with regional and state authorities
  • Integrating with existing EHR
  • Reducing the burden of data double entry
  • Producing a broad retrospective look at how well the system is performing

P-CIS Dashboard Walkthrough

P-CIS Questionnaire Module Walkthrough


OptiRithms is a smartphone app which promotes well-being by curating personal and biometric data from other smartphone apps and self assessments into a central hub where Artificial Intelligence (AI) models will identify antecedents to improvements or downturns in mood and well-being. OptiRithms learns what behaviors and habits lead to improved well-being and provide users suggestions to optimize the rhythms of their day. OptiRithms is the first software of its kind to merge data from multiple applications both in a clinical and biosensor settings to help consumers see the cumulative collection from all of their mental and physical health applications to get a full 360 degree view of how their biological responses and life experiences contribute to their overall well-being. Learn more at

Used Throughout Systems of Care