Collaborate and Share Information

Collaborate and Share Information with Care Networks and Consent Management

P-CIS offers a unique data sharing platform that combines consent management, release of information, and a Care Circle data sharing capability so that information can be shared in real time across interdisciplinary care teams. 

Opeeka’s care collaboration platform offers point and click administration tools to configure nearly any type of release of information, consent, document, or form with the addition of a signature field (or optionally integrated with customer’s DocuSign account). A workflow can be assigned to the consent to automate collection of data and/or sharing of individual data elements across care teams and to other organizations on the P-CIS platform, in real time. Any individual data elements can be restricted to accommodate sharing rules, MOUs, or patient/client preference.

Consent Management:  Customizable consent, release of information (ROI), and other signature forms can be completed on tablets, computers, or texted/emailed to patients/clients

Care Circles: Organizations that commonly co-serve patients/clients can create Care Circles so that information about co-served people can be shared instantaneously, according to MOUs or after ROI is completed

Confidentiality Settings: Customizable individual data element restrictions prevent any single or group of data to from sharing to meet rules of MOU, ROI, or patient preference

DocuSign Integration: Optional DocuSign integration for legal document signing on customer’s existing DocuSign templates

The Benefit. P-CIS improves care coordination within an organization and between organizations. It replaces paper processes for consent and release of information, saving administration time, and decreasing time from first contact to care services. This results in cost savings of staff time normally spent on phone calls, faxes, and mailed documents. Staff and patients feel more connected and services are more fluid because patients don’t have to tell and retell their stories to each new member of their care team.

Consent Management

Consent Management

Customizable consent forms associated with information release rules

Instantaneous Data Sharing with Confidentiality Restrictions on Some Data

Data sharing with consent management to comply with all rules and sensitivity while enabling care coordination and teaming