Rules-Based and AI-Driven Clinical Decision Support

Improve Outcomes with Rules-Based and AI-Driven Clinical Decision Support

P-CIS clinical decision support does something different than any other clinical decision support tool on the market. P-CIS uses *success-focused* artificial intelligence (SF-AI) to identify similar patients/clients (i.e., digital twins) to the person being served. Then it finds patterns of care that have worked well for patients with similar circumstances, symptoms, needs, diagnoses, skills, and risk factors. “TIPS” (Treatment Informed by Proven Success) are presented to the clinician that show what types of practices, services, supports, treatments, and prescriptions have worked well for similar patients. Rather than focusing on avoiding risk, P-CIS helps clinicians focus on achieving success for patients. P-CIS standard and customized person-level reports, suitable for handout or pushed to patient portals, helps the clinician and patient track progress in user-friendly formats.

Next Best Action:  Care model administrators can set thresholds above or below which notifications alert staff of next best actions, including additional assessments or services that might be needed

Digital Twin Matching and TIPS: AI identifies other patients/clients who were most similar to the person being served so that staff can see what types of services and supports have worked well in the past for people with similar circumstances. There results in recommendations in the form of TIPS (Treatments Informed by Proven Success)

Person-Level Reports: Scheduled or on-demand secure texts/emails to clients/patients, family members, and supports with single-click access to digital data collection forms

The Benefit. With P-CIS, care organizations can guide staff and help them share experience of success with each other, simply and automatically on demand. It creates a brain trust of the organizational clinical knowledge. Staff feel more supported, and patients/clients feel more secure hearing that others before them have successfully completed a similar care regimen. Organizations see increased staff and patient/client satisfaction.

Next Best Action

Next Best Action

Next best action notifications generate and resolve automatically based on  client/patient needs and staff tasks performed.

AI Driven TIPS

AI-Driven TIPS

AI matches person’s profile to similar patients/clients and returns information about what has worked for similar people in the past.