Substance Use

Addressing Substance Use

Creating Healthy & Safe Communities

At Opeeka our mission is to promote well-being for all. A person or family may receive services through several different health or human services programs to address different aspects of their well-being. Challenges arise for program staff and program participants alike when information is not coordinated between programs. When this happens, the person and family must tell their story over and over, and they struggle to coordinate care themselves.

Opeeka built Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) to unify care and promote well-being. With P-CIS, communities can create an information sharing network to better support citizens served by multiple community programs. For example, as pre-authorized by programs and people, hospitals, probation, and substance abuse programs can have access to helpful information about co-served people working toward recovery from substance use disorder. This is especially helpful for people who are working to address physical or emotional pain alongside addiction. Sharing promotes caring, and communities can work together to improve the well-being of citizens safely and effectively.

connecting communities

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence (P-CIS) carefully shares pertinent information about co-served people across agencies​

Services working together to provide safer and healthier communities