Look at what some of our customers and industry leaders have to say about Opeeka

"We see innovative organizations like Opeeka as essential to this function of keeping individuals healthy at home rather than at risk for poor outcomes, hospitalization and/or moves to long-term care facilities."

Mark A. Stutrud Chief Executive Officer
Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
Mark A. Stutrud

"Opeeka might be the only health care technology company out there that really gets it. Their Person-Centered Intelligence Solution has transformed care planning and clinical decision making. Clinical tools like the CANS are even more dynamic because of the new found capability to measure the resolution of needs and the trajectories of recovery and resilience over time."

John S. Lyons, PhD Professor, IPH Center Director
University of Kentucky

"As a state and as a nation we need to recognize the importance of investing in technology like Opeeka for child welfare. To have a system that allows Child Welfare and Behavioral Health to talk to one another seamlessly greatly reduces gaps that put families at risk and inhibit the ability to produce quality outcomes."

Karen McLeod President/CEO
Karen McLeod

"Predicated on the principles of trauma-informed care, P-CIS breaks down the walls which prevent collaboration, and supports each youth based upon their needs. P-CIS puts a powerful tool in the hands of those who need it, and harnesses the power of the individual, the family and the community to forge resilience in the face of hardship."

Liam N. Power Director of Education
The Glen Mills Schools
Liam N. Power

"Between P-CIS’ ability to integrate with our existing systems, a user-centered design, and phenomenal customization potential, we’re thrilled to be Opeeka customers. Moreover, we cannot speak more highly of their customer-service, willingness to explore creative solutions, and mission-orientation."

Ryann Vernetson, MA, LPC Former Chief of Clinical Innovation & Technology
SAFY of America
Ryann Vernetson

"Having P-CIS in our organization is helping to steer a change in culture - it's getting away from that anecdotal emotional basis for making decisions and helping us truly become a quality focused, data-driven organization."

Mike Couchman Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
Mike Couchman

"Opeeka has the technology that brings data together across child welfare, behavioral health, juvenile justice and schools to help us better serve those who are multi-system involved and have complex needs. We can also use the data to indicate what areas we may need further coaching or training as an organization."

Katie Renner-Olse CEO
Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services

"P-CIS can be utilized to save so much time and reduce burnout and stress that workers feel while ensuring that the placements are actually fitting what the youth needs. P-CIS centralizes communication and eases the trauma on both families and children so they do not have to continuously retell their story over and over."

Christine Stoner-Mertz CEO
California Alliance of Child and Family Services
Christine Stoner-Mertz

"SAFY has been searching for an effective assessment tool for more than two years. When we saw P-CIS, we instantly knew that we struck gold! Everything from the user experience to the way that P-CIS measures and reports out on outcomes is second to none. The care we provide for our youth and families has instantly improved thanks to P-CIS."

Nathan Leonhard, MBA Chief of Finance & Business Administration
SAFY of America
Nathan Leonhard

"The integrated workflow that we have established using P-CIS has allowed our organization to be more efficient while creating more meaningful use of our electronic data to help us better serve, visualize, and document our work with foster children, youth and families."

Jessi Esterling VP of Foster Care Operations
FaithBridge Foster Care
Jessi Esterling

"Thanks to P-CIS, organisations can harness the power of assessment data to improve placement and care planning decisions, to monitor individual progress, demonstrate the impact of services, evaluate demand for services in populations or groups, and most importantly, gain an understanding of what’s working for which children and young people."

Dr. Mark Kerr CEO
The Centre for Outcomes of Care
Dr. Mark Kerr