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Creative Ways to Support Children/Youth, Especially Those in Foster Care

We all have been challenged by the world-wide pandemic, especially in areas of home, work, and community. The effects of COVID have been particularly impactful in the lives of children and youth. They have seen so many changes take place at their homes, schools and with the community they live. The impact on school-aged children/youth has been discussed since early 2019. However, the pandemic for some children & youth compounded their traumatic experiences, in particular those children/youth in foster-care.

There are close to 500,000 children/youth in foster care throughout the United States. What we know is that children with unresolved grief & loss enter a foster home, they bring their pain with them. Their main priority is self-protection against future loss and vulnerability. This will be a session where we can share creative ways to keep children/youth connected to health & wellness.

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