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Eliminating 80/20

Lowering Costs While Improving Outcomes & Equitable Care With Success-Focused Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI)

The cost of healthcare is rising, and behavioral health and unmet social need are drivers. Addressing these needs is a priority to reduce healthcare costs, reduce health emergencies, and improve lives, but what does incremental success look like in mental health, behavioral and social care?
This talk illustrates how care systems build a success-focused model to improve equitable outcomes while lowering overall costs of care. Many care systems use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict risk, but what does it look like to predict how to lower risk, instead? By integrating with existing electronic records, Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, /pieces/), facilitates the implementation of whole-person, success-focused, person-centered, and collaborative care while tracking trajectories of recovery and resilience. From over 20 years of research, with models in peer-reviewed journals, Opeeka developed Success-Focused AI (SF-AI) that identifies which treatments, tactics, tools, and technology will most likely help a unique person to access and engage in care to reach success. Considering complexity of need, SF-AI predicts what specifically would lower risk for individuals, especially those utilizing a variety of services. When more people reach success, care is more efficient, effective, equitable, and economical.

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