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Suicide Prevention Including The Use Of Data And Analytics

In this webinar we welcome in Dr. Amanda Purnell and Dr. Kate Cordell, these incredible researchers/thought-leaders share ways of utilizing data and analytics to mitigate risks for those most vulnerable to death by suicide. The session includes sharing of how research data can reveal key factors for increasing preventive efforts. Also there will be information about an innovative veterans program, Mission Daybreak, which is fostering preventive solutions across a broad spectrum of focus areas.

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Meet our distinguished panel of professionals for this webinar

Dr. Amanda Purnell

Amanda Purnell , PhD

Director of Data and Analytics Innovation at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Amanda has been working as an Innovation Specialist at the Veterans Administration (VA) St Louis Health Care System within the Veterans Health Care Administration (VHA) Innovators Network part-time since October 2016, and full-time since April 2018. She loves to empower others, ignite curiosity, and wonder about what’s possible. Prior to her work in the Innovators Network, she held leadership roles in implementing programs for prevention, integrative and complementary care, and health behavior change at the VA. She has extensive experience and training in facilitation and advancing learning in adults. She has a PhD in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University.
Dr. Kate Cordell

Dr. Kate Cordell, Ph.D., M.P.H.

President, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder at Opeeka

Dr. Cordell is a nationwide thought leader for behavioral health technology, integrating data systems to support a whole- person approach to care. She has built models for federal, state, county, healthcare provider and community-based agencies to convert behavioral health and social program data into decisions and decisions into positive outcomes. Dr. Cordell works to identify whether individuals and families are improving during care. She is especially interested in what works for whom. Every person and family have a story, often complex but also sewn with common thread. Dr. Cordell uses longitudinal analysis methods to model the changing patterns in these complex tapestries, hoping to identify common elements of design.