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TCOM Town Hall with Dr. John Lyons

Using Technology In Supporting Our Work

The use of technology has led the charge in supporting all of us during the pandemic. We have all learned creative and effective ways to support those we serve. In fact, the 2020 & 2021 TCOM Conferences both had to shift from an in-person event to completely virtual. Opeeka’s Ken McGill served as this year’s TCOM Conference Chair and was completely impressed how incredible the event turned out. 

“The essence of the TCOM collaborative spirit was alive and well throughout the 3-days spent together. It would have been great to see everyone in-person in Kentucky, but this was not to happen. However, I am a full believer that technology and the use of it in performing our work is going to be essential.”

Dr. Lyons will share the new developments in the collaborative, especially TCOM Channel and the 2022 TCOM Conference being held in New Orleans, Louisiana in September. The 1-hour session will examine impact of COVID, especially in the areas of trauma and health equity. There will also be a look ahead to towards the future and how we can move forward improving the outcomes managing the data.

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