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Ohio’s Statewide Respite Program: It Takes A Village-Partnering, Preventing and Prospering

The Collaborative, in partnership with CareSource, has developed Ohio’s statewide Respite Care Program, which offers therapeutic relief & time-limited breaks to families as well as to other caregivers who are CareSource Members. This network of respite care practitioners is available to assist CareSource Members with normal activities of daily life to meet the needs of the primary caregiver, as well as the child. The Respite Program’s goal is to improve outcomes for child & family and reduce health care costs.

This session will explore the continued need for respite to be a temporary program, including capturing data especially in support of improvements. Specific areas of data collection around a comprehensive understanding of how much time, energy, and costs are needed, especially in support of an infrastructure with intake and referral management. In addition, there will be discussions around incorporating technology to further build provider capacity, while supporting current staff, managing staff shortages, as well as increasing much needed foster homes. Lastly, the importance of developing a more effective and efficient referral process-providing pertinent information in support of timely decision making for successful placements.

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Meet our distinguished panel of professionals for this webinar

Pam Sanborn, LISW

Behavioral Health-Initiative Lead, CareSource

Pam is a Behavioral Health Lead with CareSource and she focuses on Child Adolescent Behavioral Health and Quality Outcomes and Improvement since 2020. Pam has experience working in the juvenile justice system, and in youth residential and community support programming. She has also spent time working in the hospital systems, both rural and city, in Central Ohio and has experience working in the Emergency Department, outpatient clinics, and inpatient settings, both for medical and psychiatric.

Aditi Naik, MPH

Healthcare Coordinator, Child and Family Health Collaborative of Ohio

Aditi Naik is the Healthcare Network Coordinator for the Child and Family Health Collaborative. She supports the Healthcare Network, by assisting with project data requirements, managing the CareSource Respite Care Program and assisting with other Network initiatives. She has over a decade of experience working on behalf of children and families in Ohio.

Lorie Stadtmiller, MBA

Healthcare Network Director, Family Health Collaborative of Ohio

Lorie leads the Collaborative on clinically integrated network program development, quality improvement projects, and the Respite Pilot project. She has been with the Healthcare Collaborative for 2 years and has 15 years of experience in BH implement projects and network management.