At Opeeka, Our Mission Is To Promote Well-Being For All

Creative Ways to Support Children/Youth, Especially Those in Foster Care

This webinar explores creative ways on how we all can keep children/youth connected to health & wellness.

A Collaborative Discussion: Workforce Well-Being, Post-COVID Challenges & Opportunities

This is a unique opportunity to share ideas around cultivating employee resilience as we return to our physical work environments.

FFPSA for Community Foster Care Providers, the Opportunities & Challenges

This webinar’s focus will be to generate conversation and ideas to meet new challenges as well as offer support around the FFPSA.

Eliminating 80/20: Lowering Costs While Improving Outcomes & Equitable Care With Success-Focused Artificial Intelligence (SF-AI)

This talk illustrates how care systems build a success-focused model to improve equitable outcomes while lowering overall costs of care.

Helping Agencies Meet the Requirements of the Family First Prevention Services Act

Learn about the person-centered approach that helps create trauma-centered prevention strategies.

Helping Agencies Meet The Requirements Of The Family First Prevention Services Act: Part 2

Learn about P-CIS, an assessment and outcomes management solution designed to help organizations, agencies, and their staff members plan and guide person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of safety, permanency and success.