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At Opeeka, we enable success-focused care to promote well-being for all

we promote well-being for all

Improving well-being by identifying what works

Well-being is as challenging to define as it is to develop. Just about every person struggles with well-being from time to time, and for some it is a lifelong battle. At Opeeka, our mission is to promote well-being, for those who benefit from occasional reminders of gratitude, to those who struggle with depression, addiction, homelessness, safety, and physical challenges. If well-being is a ladder, then our goal is to help empower every person to take upward steps.

Opeeka offers a suite of behavioral health efficiency solutions for data collection, care planning, activity tracking, alert generation, outcomes monitoring, warehousing, and analytics tools through P-CIS. Customers range from state departments that manage healthcare, behavioral health or child welfare to private healthcare payers and providers, community-based providers, and individual providers.

P-CIS tracks well-being over time to identify the true impact of care. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and what may be helpful to one person may be less so for another. That is why person-centered care is so important.

Health Outcomes Software
Nathan Leonhard

“P-CIS is data agnostic allowing it to bridge information about a person served by many different types of social and health care providers. It greatly reduces paperwork and enables multiple entities to look at a person’s entire story.”

Nathan Leonhard, MBA
Chief of Finance & Business Administration
SAFY of America

For People

For People

We help people tell their story, set their goals, and collaborate with their care team.

For Health Care Providers

We help providers deliver efficient care for optimal outcomes at lower costs.

For Behavioral & Social Health Care Providers

For Behavioral & Social Health Care Providers

We support person-centered care while tracking trajectories of recovery and resilience.

For Communities

For Communities

We unify information and track outcomes for people served across multiple programs and disciplines.

our team


Our team is made up of clinical and technology professionals with decades of experience in health and human services with a shared goal of improving the lives of people through thoughtful use of technology.