About Us

We Provide Return on Assessment

Opeeka’s mission is to bridge the gap in health and human services and make a positive impact in the lives of children, adults and families through thoughtful use of technology. Drawing from our extensive backgrounds in behavioral health and child welfare, Opeeka has identified barriers and constraints in practice and have forged intelligent solutions to help bring clients, family and agencies together to reach positive outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

Our flagship software P-CIS is a revolutionary new assessment software that allows behavioral health, social services and human services staff to track client progress over time. P-CIS provides visualization of longitudinal changes in well-being as measured through assessment and reassessment. The goal of the software is to facilitate the use of assessment data in the decision-making process of person-centered care. P-CIS is ideal for use in social welfare, justice systems, behavioral health and school systems (for children).

Outcomes Management Software for Mental Health

Visually Illustrate Needs & Strengths From Assessments​

P-CIS is capable of handling intake and visual reporting of nearly any assessment used in human services practice, such as screening tools (e.g., ASSIST), level of care assessments (e.g., LOCUS), diagnostic tools (e.g., GAD Scale), checklists (e.g., PSC-35), functional assessments (ADL), decision support tools (e.g., ANSA, CANS, SDM) and satisfaction surveys. It is also equipped to handle common assessments administered in education, corrections and human resources. See assessments…

Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in technology and health and human services with a shared goal of improving the lives of children and families through thoughtful use of technology.