About Us

We Provide Return on Assessment

At Opeeka, we enable success-focused care for mental health, behavioral health & social services. 

Our technology solution unifies a system of care to help monitor person-centered care. What this means is that from children in developmental care to youth in foster care to elderly in cognitive care, we help identify what works for whom. For a provider, our solutions help learn what a population base most often needs and predicts what care will work best. For a person, our solutions help monitor progress toward personal goals and unifies care between several providers.

Our value to providers is that we evidence what works, help expand successful programs and promote self-sufficiency to reduce time in care. For people, our value is helping to provide insights into factors of one’s own well-being: for example, are social connections most stabilizing and how important is my medication? We answer these questions for people, and much, much more. 

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Visually Illustrate Needs & Strengths From Assessments​

P-CIS is capable of handling intake and visual reporting of nearly any assessment used in human services practice, such as screening tools (e.g., ASSIST), level of care assessments (e.g., LOCUS), diagnostic tools (e.g., GAD Scale), checklists (e.g., PSC-35), functional assessments (ADL), decision support tools (e.g., ANSA, CANS, SDM) and satisfaction surveys. It is also equipped to handle common assessments administered in education, corrections and human resources. See assessments…

Our Team

Our team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in technology and health and human services with a shared goal of improving the lives of children and families through thoughtful use of technology.