Skill Sketches

A fun and easy way to track progress on skills

Skill Sketches are designed to be an engaging way to celebrate and track progress on skills. Follow the instructions and print a new Sketch Page to color each week, each month or each few months. Have fun comparing progress on skills over time through artistic expression!


Follow these instructions to use Skill Sketches to track and celebrate skills!

First Time:

  • Print the Skills Page and the Sketch Page.
  • On the Skills Lines on the Sketch Page, write down skills to celebrate or develop.
  • Assign colors to each skill level in the Key at the bottom of the page.
  • Color the Sketch Page according to the assignments on the Skills Page.

Next Time:

  • Review the Skills Page from the last time. Add any new skills to develop or celebrate.
  • Print another Sketch Page.
  • Color in the new Sketch Page according to the assignments on the updated Skills Page.
  • Compare the changes from the last Sketch Page to this Sketch Page.

Times after that:

  • Repeat the steps listed under “Next Time.”
  • Order the Sketch Pages over time and flip through them to track progress.

Download Skill Sketches

Looking for a custom Skill Sketch? Please contact us to make a request.