Episode 35: HEALing Through Understanding: Reformation and Justice for All

HEALing Through Understanding: Reformation and Justice for All
Join us in this enlightening episode as we dive deep with Liam Power, MA EdD(c), the visionary Director of Education at Clock Tower Schools. With a career dedicated to pioneering change in both the realms of juvenile justice and education, Liam has been at the forefront of some of the most progressive movements in the State of Pennsylvania.

Currently on the Board of HEAL PA- Office of Advocacy and Reform, Liam co-chairs two pivotal committees:

  1. Education Action Team: Steering the logistics to move the commonwealth towards a trauma-informed pedagogy in all educational facets.

  2. Juvenile Justice Prevention Task Force: Crafting and implementing strategies to redirect young individuals away from the devastating School-To-Prison pipeline.

Having also played a crucial role as the Secretary for the Trauma Informed Education Coalition, Liam’s commitment to transformative change is evident. Over the last four years, his leadership at The Clock Tower School has given birth to a groundbreaking trauma-informed care treatment approach, especially tailored for court-referred youth in out-of-home settings.

In this episode, Liam sheds light on the significance of person-centered data collection. He emphasizes how it must spearhead care planning, aiming to redefine a youth’s life trajectory towards success.

If you’re passionate about educational reform and the power of trauma-informed systemic change, this is an episode you won’t want to miss! Discover how Liam Power has been reshaping the educational landscape towards a more empathetic, informed, and sustainable future.

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