Episode 36: TIEing It All Together: Where Innovation, Invention and Inspiration Intersect

Episode 36: TIEing It All Together: Where Innovation, Invention and Inspiration Intersect
Dive into the world of healthcare innovation in Alaska with the remarkable ⁠Jacqueline Summers⁠. With over 20 years of dedication, Jacqueline has emerged as a linchpin in Alaskan innovation.

As the current Executive Director of Health TIE since 2022, she has helmed many organizations championing sustainable positive change. Jacqueline’s visionary pursuits aren’t just about top-down solutions; they’re about empowering community members to transform into catalysts of change.

Enter the arena of Health TIE: Alaska’s nexus where healthcare meets innovation. Health TIE is more than just a healthcare hub. It’s where dreams and practicalities converge, bridging health and human service organizations with groundbreaking entrepreneurial endeavors. At the heart of Health TIE lies a commitment to bolster community-based healthcare entities. These unsung heroes deliver pivotal healthcare services, often with limited access to cutting-edge technology and innovations. Health TIE amplifies their voices, igniting collaboration and setting the stage for impactful Alaska-centric pilot projects.

Whether you’re an aspiring changemaker, a healthcare enthusiast, or someone passionate about community development, this episode is a clarion call. Jacqueline’s insights will inspire and challenge listeners to envision and contribute to a compassionate, all-encompassing, community-centric healthcare system. Join us as we unravel the threads of innovation, collaboration, and dedication, truly TIEing it together for unparalleled success. A must-listen for those ready to make a difference!

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