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Manage and Monitor Care

Standardize level of care assessment across the entire population, and match clients to exactly the right services and supports. ​

System-wide monitoring of population needs and frequent services enables adequate resource planning for optimal system performance.

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Manage and Monitor Care​

Revolutionize Your Home Care Business with Opeeka's P-CIS: Digital Workflows for Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Care

Opeeka’s P-CIS allows home care, home health, and hospice to convert manual paper processes into digital workflows infused with workflow shortcuts, efficiencies, intelligence, and analytics. Staff spend less time on paperwork and more time with clients and patients. Print-ready reports can be exported and stored in home to meet documentation requirements, while patient data is safely stored in the cloud.

Smart Assessments

Smart-form assessment identifies appropriate level of care, matching services and supports in real-time.

Automated Alerts

Automated texts/emails and reminders ensure that clients are monitored routinely throughout care to track progress along with any new risks or needs that arise.

Track and Measure Outcomes

Providers and payers can track level of care assignment along with delivered services, supports, tasks, and outcomes across populations and subpopulations to ensure system is performing optimally.

​ Collaborate on Care

Home Care, Home Health, and Hospice often share patients. With P-CIS, patient records can be transferred with consent in a few clicks allowing organizations to work together sharing notes back and forth about a co-served patient.

Organized Care Plans

Based on assessment, needs list or care plan is organized and presented for staff to carry out tasks to address client needs while tracking on tasks performed.

Story Maps

See a complete 360 degree view of the patients needs, diagnoses, strengths, preferences, history, and goals in care within a single snapshot that brings together information from across dozens of pages of documentation – now digestible in a single glance.

DocuSign Integration

Seamless DocuSign integration enables consent for service, DNR, or other important legal documents to launch from existing DocuSign templates, with copies of completed documents accessible right from the patient’s record.

"We have the privilege of telling our clients story through the powerful data science that plays behind the scenes in P-CIS. We have the honor of humanizing a client who would otherwise be considered a medical record number."
Lindsey Kroll
Lindsey Kroll
Executive Director, Emblem Healthcare

Easy to View Care Needs and Progress Across Entire Caseloads​

Easy to View Care Needs and Progress Across Entire Caseloads​

Stories of Success

"The biggest benefit is the platform helps predict and recommend treatment plans! This translates into needs being met faster and people getting well sooner."

We work in the home care vertical that unfortunately lacks true technology that supports the continuum of care of our clients. To provide robust non-medical ADL (activities of daily living) support, we need the ability to track progress and identify risk factors that surround our clients. The care that is provided to these clients can be the difference of whether or not a client gets re-admitted to the hospital after an acute event or dealing with a chronic illness. 

True home care is supported by robust care planning, concise communication regarding needs, and the ability to broadly communicate across care teams. Thankfully, I stumbled across Opeeka and have recently implemented their P-CIS software. To keep it simple, I automated my entire workflow, and I can create care circles around my members. More specifically, I can invite Case Managers, family members, physicians, and really anyone who has direct involvement of the support of our member. 

From a use case perspective, we can add the Case Manager to a P-CIS Care Circle and they can view the care plan, notes, home monitoring forms, supervisory visits, bi-directionally communication, medication lists, advanced directives, and other assessments we created that support our workflow. The biggest benefit is the platform helps predict and recommend treatment plans! This translates into needs being met faster and people getting well sooner. 

With cost going up, lack of healthcare providers and staff, and reimbursement issues etc. we need to find a way to leverage technology that helps deliver robust care to our members. Now we are working smarter not harder and taking our care workflows to the next level!

-Lindsey Kroll, Executive Director, Emblem Home Care