Opeeka Announces Partnership with SAFY of America to Improve Outcomes in Children & Families Using P-CIS

Mental health technology company Opeeka announced this week a partnership with Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) of America, a national non-profit organization creating healthy youth and families through community-based solutions across seven states.

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) is a powerful outcomes management software designed to help social and human services and mental/behavioral health care agencies and their staff to plan and guide person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience.

Opeeka is extremely excited to partner with SAFY to deploy P-CIS to help them better serve over 15,000 children and families,” said Opeeka Co-Founder Ken Knecht. “P-CIS tracks responses to interventions over time to identify the true impact of a program, service, practice and intervention, this will allow SAFY to provide the best level of quality care across their several locations.

With P-CIS, organizations can monitor their impact in real-time while ensuring fidelity to their model. P-CIS can identify where their efforts are making the most impact, on which specific groups of people. This helps organizations better hone their efforts for higher impact at reduced cost.

SAFY has been searching for an effective assessment tool for more than two years. When we saw P-CIS, we instantly knew that we struck gold!  Everything from the user experience to the way that P-CIS measures and reports out on outcomes is second to none”, said Nathan Leonhard, Chief of Finance & Business Administration at SAFY. “The care we provide for our youth and families has instantly improved thanks to P-CIS.

About SAFY

Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth (SAFY) of America is a national non-profit organization creating healthy youth and families through community-based solutions. Building upon their reputation as a leader in therapeutic foster care services, their comprehensive home- and community-based programs serve those with social service and behavioral health needs in seven states including Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Ohio and South Carolina. To learn more about SAFY’s programs and services visit

About Opeeka

Opeeka’s is a technology company whose products and services enable success-focused care for mental health, behavioral health & social services. Opeeka has identified barriers and constraints in practice and have forged intelligent solutions to help bring clients, family and agencies together to reach positive outcomes more efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit

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