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Opeeka Announces Partnership with The Centre for Outcomes of Care

Mental health technology startup seeks to improve outcomes in children’s social care

FOLSOM, Calif.—April 20, 2021—Mental health technology startup Opeeka announced this week that it is entering into a partnership with The Centre for Outcomes of Care, a UK-based charity founded to improve children’s social care outcomes.

Opeeka’s Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS) is the world’s first outcomes management software designed unite care across the system of care for social services, human services and mental/behavioral health care agencies and their staff plan, helping to guide unified person-centered care plans while measuring progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience.

Opeeka’s mission is to promote well-being for all, for those who benefit from occasional reminders of gratitude and for those who struggle with depression, addiction, homelessness, and safety concerns. Drawing from extensive behavioral health and technology backgrounds, Opeeka has identified barriers and constraints in technology and have forged intelligent solutions to help bring clients, family, and agencies together to reach positive outcomes more efficiently and effectively.

The Centre for Outcomes of Care (OOC) was founded to improve research and evidence shaping services and policy developments in children’s social care. Scientific rigor and evidence standards underpin their projects and their solutions to help local authorities and independent providers assess needs and improve outcomes.

Opeeka and The Centre for Outcomes of Care are united in their mission to deploy evidence-based solutions for local authorities and care providers, sharing knowledge and expertise, and promoting person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of recovery and resilience,” said Opeeka Co-Founder Ken Knecht. “P-CIS merges assessment data into a local knowledge base, where data points join together to grow an understanding of what works for whom, allowing local authorities and care centers to provide a higher level of quality care.

P-CIS is the first platform to support success-focused care which maps progress toward well-being for people participating in care systems. P-CIS reduces the burden of collecting and utilizing information from any type of assessment of well-being, allowing assessment and re-assessment to inform service matching, treatment planning/adjustment, and progress tracking. P-CIS also enacts evaluations of program/service performance for specific sub-populations in real-time so that service systems can be nimble and adjust to meet changing population needs. P-CIS invigorates the system of care to gain efficiencies and effectiveness.

Until now, the children’s social care sector in England has lacked a comprehensive, universal assessment method to measure and communicate the needs and strengths of children and young people in or on the edge of care and monitor their progress. The consequences of this have long been recognized.

It has been five years since the Department for Education highlighted the need for a universal assessment strategy that would improve decision making and use of evidence in children’s social care.  And for years, local authorities and providers have had to spend a fortune on assessment licenses and solutions. Yet, the lack of empirical data informing policy, commissioning, service delivery, and practice remains.  [Transformational Collaborative Outcomes Management] TCOM England seeks to solve this problem and provide a foundation for evidence-based children’s services in England,“ said Dr. Mark Kerr, CEO of the Centre for Outcomes of Care.

Opeeka has developed a truly revolutionary solution in P-CIS that will help local authorities and independent providers better assess needs and improve outcomes,” said Kerr. “We are excited to partner with Opeeka and put evidence of outcomes at the center of children’s social care here in England.

For more information, visit
Opeeka: https://www.opeeka.com/
TCOM England: https://www.tcomengland.org/
The Centre for Outcomes of Care: https://www.outcomesofcare.com/