Kate Cordell & Ken Knecht of Opeeka

Software to Promote Optimal Patient Well-Being

The young and already successful software company Opeeka, Inc. launched their Person-Centered Intelligence Solution (P-CIS, pronounces pieces) in December 2020. This innovative cloud-based software tracks patient well-being over time to identify the true impact of care on individuals.

“We work with health and social care organizations looking to show recovery trajectories over time via assessments, progress notes, medication, labs, and other patient information gathered from various care systems,” says Ken Knecht, chief marketing officer. “The software connects data points from one or more providers across various disciplines serving a person in care, and it builds a holistic story about that person’s well-being journey over time.”

Opeeka offers a suite of behavioral health efficiency solutions for data collection, care planning, activity tracking, alert generation, outcomes monitoring, warehousing, and analytics tools through P-CIS. Customers range from state departments that manage healthcare, behavioral health or child welfare to private healthcare payers and providers, community-based providers, and individual providers.

“P-CIS is ideal for any care providers wanting to make better use of information for efficient and effective care planning and outcomes monitoring,” says Knecht. “It enables the most efficient care and optimal outcomes. Customers are impressed and say it’s groundbreaking.”

P-CIS also creates bridges between care providers needing to share data on an individual to achieve an integrated whole-person picture. “This software is data agnostic allowing it to bridge information about a person served by many different types of social and health care providers. It greatly reduces paperwork and enables multiple entities to look at a person’s entire story,” notes Knecht. Success-focused artificial intelligence is our modelling behind the scenes that matches data and looks at trajectories of success.”

Headquartered in Folsom, the Opeeka team is comprised of 15 data scientists in all, including co-founders Knecht and CEO Kate Cordell, as well as CFO Brian Hansen and Kevin McDonnell, vice president of business development.

“We’re transforming the way outcomes are being measured in healthcare,” says Knecht. “We bring care full circle considering individuals as complete humans, identifying care that works for similar types of people, and assisting communication between people and care providers.”