Standardize Processes

Standardize Process for Level of Care, Pre-Authorization, Assessment, Treatment Planning, and Progress Tracking

P-CIS improves person-centered care planning so that people get the right care, faster. After assessment, P-CIS level of care logic configured and managed by organization administrators, guides clinicians to enroll patients into right-sized intensity of care to meet the patient’s needs. P-CIS treatment plans and progress notes facilitate the creation of individualized care plans that match specifically to the needs of the person in care. Problem statements pre-populate from assessment data and guide clinicians through the process to generate personalized plans and clinical notes. Progress notes link to care plans and allow clinicians to quantify progress alongside care notes.

Level of Care, Pre-Authorization, and System Logic: After data is ingested and/or entered in P-CIS, customized system logic, including severity scores, level of care determination, and additional scoring, provide outputs to staff in real-time

Treatment Plans: Smart care plans can pre-populate options and drop-down lists from assessment data to facilitate the creation of individualized care plans that match specifically to the needs of the person in care

Progress Tracking: Smart progress notes can pre-populate from treatment plans and guide staff toward optimal qualitative and quantitative documentation of patient/client progress

The Benefit. Care organizations, MCOs and/or payors can guide staff through standardized care models, meeting the fidelity of evidenced based practices while monitoring progress and response to care. Organizations can use population data to identify who is responding well and for whom additional services and supports might be needed prior to escalating needs. The result is that organizations prevent of emergencies and evidence the health and safety of populations in their care.

“Smart” Lists in Care Plans

"Smart" Lists in Care Plans

Smart Lists pre-populate from patient/client problem/needs list

Level of Care Recommendation/Determination

Level of Care Recommendation/Determination

Immediate notification of Level of Care or Pre-Authorized intensity of services results after data captured