Startup To Watch: Opeeka Inc.

Startup to Watch Opeeka Inc.

As part of our Sacramento Inno coverage, the Business Journal for the first time compiled a list of Startups to Watch in the new year. These startups are poised to make big moves, either in growth, funding, technology or development. We’re highlighting 13 startups, generally with fewer than 100 employees, about 5 years old or less and that have raised less than $50 million. The group includes a diverse mix of companies throughout the region.

Startup to Watch: Opeeka Inc.

Kids in foster care, people in addiction counseling and those under mental health care face multiple providers of health and social services, all of which collect information. Folsom-based Opeeka Inc. seeks to collect, sort and use that data to provide a road map for better care for the subjects. Opeeka seeks to use multiple massive datasets and AI to provide individual care to people based on their own data history. That history develops an individual story map, which can include personal assessments, medical records, police records, foster system records, therapy records and others.

Opeeka creates a framework to set goals and to track the individual to see if interventions are having the desired effects.

The company can then use its mountains of data to see what methods or therapies worked for people who had similar story maps, whether that was exercise, therapy, medication or some other intervention.

Opeeka’s target customers include veterans’ services, local agencies, hospitals, care providers and community providers who want to be able to help their clients and also want to be able to show individual progress.



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