Effective Use Of Innovative Technologies In Support Of Recovery

Effective Use of Innovative Technologies in Support of Recovery

About this Webinar

This 1-hour interactive session will explore the ‘life-saving’ role of Medical Assisted Treatments (MAT), specifically outlining assistive technologies, and how they can combat overdose deaths. The content of the session has been created for those who might have limited background in addiction and recovery, as well as those more advanced in clinical/administrative knowledge. We must collaborate to finally put an end to the staggering numbers of deaths, which continue to climb every year.

Your Host

Kenneth McGill, EdS LMFT

Solution-Focused Care Senior Scientist at Opeeka

Kenneth McGill spent the last 12 years at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care serving as the statewide trainer on Wraparound, the fundamental evidence-based practice offered throughout the New Jersey Children’s System of Care (CSOC), and the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) curriculum. Ken was the 2013 recipient of the Praed Foundation’s Outcomes Champion (CANS) Award for his work in children’s systems of care and outcomes management. He has more than 20 years of experience in marriage and family therapy, education and research and is currently serving as President of the New Jersey Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (NJAMFT). Ken received his Education Specialist degree in marriage and family therapy from and his Master’s in Education from Seton Hall University.


Timber Killion, R.N.

Timber Killion, R.N.

Regional Clinical Manager - Recovery at Masimo

Timber Killion’s life’s work has been centered on her commitment to the care and improvement of individual health and well-being. With more than 15 years as a registered nurse, she has led advocacy efforts, developed programs designed to remove treatment challenges with a focus on empowering the patient journey.

Timber has worked in various healthcare networks, to include clinical settings, corrections, pharmaceutical and medical technology. In the Role of Recovery Clinical Specialist at Masimo, Timber strives to remove barriers to support successful outcomes for individuals choosing technology as an opioid withdrawal treatment option.

Kathleen Totemoff, BA Certified Health Coach

Kathleen Totemoff, BA Certified Health Coach

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Project Director at Ninilchik Traditional Council

Kathleen Totemoff has served an adjunct faculty member in the University of Alaska College of Business and Public Policy for more than a decade. Additionally, Kathleen is a Certified Health Coach whose work background includes behavioral intervention, residential treatment, rural economic development, and grant writing. She serves on a variety of boards and coalitions, including the Governor of Alaska’s Advisory Board on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (including their Psychiatric Care Subcommittee), the Kenai Peninsula Homelessness Coalition, Nine Star Education and Employment Services Board of Directors, and is the President of the Kenai Peninsula Reentry Coalition.

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