Proving Prevention Works: Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA) Part I

Family First Prevention Services Act Part I and Opeeka’s Person Centered Intelligence Software

P-CIS is an assessment and outcomes management solution designed to help organizations, agencies and their staff members to plan and guide person-centered care while measuring progress along personal trajectories of safety, permanency and success. It helps capture family circumstances in meaningful ways resulting in reliable, valid and consistently administered outcome measures affecting program participants or all persons receiving services.

P-CIS is a software that was designed with care plans in mind. It’s custom reports support the development of child and family-specific care plans that are organized, actionable, strengths-based, culturally competent and customized to meet the individualized strengths and needs of the child/youth and family.

Family First Prevention Services Act

P-CIS supports and integrates nearly any assessment used in human services practice:

  • Screening tools
  • Level of care assessments
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Checklists
  • Functional assessments
  • Decision support tools
  • Satisfaction surveys

P-CIS provides visualization of longitudinal changes in outcomes as measured through assessment and reassessment. P-CIS supports defined schedules with automated reminders, a supervisor review process, and reports that measure change over time. P-CIS promotes practices that support reliable and valid outcome measures that are collected consistently and accurately for children, youth, and families.

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  • Maintain a written prevention plans for children in your programs
  • Deliver trauma-informed care for your clients
  • Effectively measure outcomes


Used Throughout Systems of Care

Meeting the Needs of FFPSA

The FFPSA provides guidance and the necessary funding flexibility to augment prevention activities, keeping children and youth more often in home and family care settings, surrounded by natural and community supports. P-CIS uniquely facilitates the collection and sharing of information needed to build prevention strategies across a system of care and automates the conversion of assessment data into trauma-informed written plans.